Video Reels

Aerial Demo Reel~ A sampling of many of the different apparatuses and types of venues Brenda works with including tissu, hoop, cube, spanish web, and straps.  

Duo Straps~ Originally performed with Cirque Du Soleil for the opening ceremony of the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto.

Eminem Cube~ An Uptempo, hard hitting version of the Duo Cube.

Straps~ A brief experience of an extremely dynamic yet fluid apparatus.

Duo Cube~ A crowd pleasing duo act that combines elements of synchronistic harmony, flexibility, and daring feats of hand-to-hand aerial partnering.

Trio Cube~ The stakes are raised in this evolution of the Duo Cube.

Duo Hoop~ A fun and upbeat version of this intricate act.  Lines and shapes continuously evolve and morph from one interesting visual experience to the next.

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